McPivot.  The easiest way to visualize baseball data and card images.

For the full experience, install the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight here.

Microsoft Silverlight

Welcome to McPivot Baseball

The easiest way to visualize baseball data and card images.

How McPivot works:

  • McPivot utilizes Microsoft's Silverlight, PivotViewer, and DeepZoom technologies to present historical baseball data in a new and highly visual fashion.
  • At the heart of McPivot is a large data collection, and the thousands of DeepZoom images that give the data a face.  Therefore it may take a minute or two for the collection to appear.  Be patient.  If you have a low memory or low performing computer, you may want to try McPivot again when you have access to a beefier machine.
  • When you are ready to access the data collection, click the Viewer tab above, or access the Viewer here.
  • If you have questions or comments, please don't be shy about passing along your Feedback.
  • Don't forget to register an account so we can keep you up to date with information about new features and collections.

Tips for browsing data collections in the Viewer tab:

On the player images:
  • Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out of any collection
  • Click a player to select it, zoom into it, show “Info” to the right, and hide the “Filter” panel to the left
  • Click a player a 2nd time to unselect it, un-zoom back to the previous view, hide the “Info” panel, and show “Filter” panel again
On the top bar:
  • Use the zoom slider to adjust magnify and back away manually
  • Alternate between the “Graph” view and “Grid” view
  • Use the “Sort” drop down list to organize the way the data is displayed for the “Graph” view
On the left hand “Filter” panel:
  • Select only the data you want to view
  • Use the “Search...” box to find any data, about any player
  • Click any checkbox to toggle the data fields on and off, but also click the name to the right of the checkbox to automatically unselect all others fields first
  • Use the “Clear All” button at the top to reset and view all of the data
On the right hand “Info” panel:
  • View the selected player’s info
  • Click any links provided to “Filter” on that data field
Please note that the Builder tab is coming soon.  We are currently working on the Builder to allow you to create custom data collections.